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BSides Cape Town 2022 CTF

We're sponsoring a Password Hash Cracking Contest For BSides Cape Town 2022!

The Flag to Capture? Passwords...lots and lots of Passwords! :-)

Check out the BSides Cape Town website for more information on the event: https://bsidescapetown.co.za/

A live scoreboard will be available online and at BSides on Saturday 3rd!

What is it? A password cracking contest that requires you to obtain a list of password hashes we've created from real-world password sources and password complexity techniques. Crack them using your techniques and experience - and upload the "cracked" passwords. The Team with the highest score wins!

When is it? The contest will start at 1pm on Thursday 1st December 2022. It will end on the day of BSides - 3rd December 2022 at 1pm (48h total). Winners will be announced at BSides Cape Town.

Who can enter? Teams are required for entry - a team can be 1 or more persons cracking passwords under a team name. The CTF is open to all persons except the staff of Bitcrack Cyber Security - HOWEVER you MUST be from the SADC region (Southern Africa) to enter. Further, to win prizes you must have a representative present at BSides Cape Town 2022.

There's Prizes? Of course the main prize will be you/your-team getting the top-spot of password cracking and proving you worth. But to make it better we're also giving prizes to the top 2 teams being first place: 1 x Razer Black Widow V3 Mini and second place: 1 x Razer Kraken Ultimate headset. Prizes will only be given if a team member is present at BSides Cape Town 2022. No prizes will be posted.

I'm in! How do I Register?

To register your team, you need to send us the following:

Team Name, Team Contact Person (a real person), Mobile no of Contact Person, Email Address

Example: Team Simpsons, Bart Simpson, +27825555555, bart@thesimpsons.com

IMPORTANT: Your email address must be reachable, as you will be sent your team upload key, upload instructions and link to download the hashes the day the contest starts. An SMS will also be sent to confirm your team registration.

Send your team registration to ctf2022@bitcrack.net before 10am SAST 1st December 2022 to take part in the contest!

Enjoy, happy cracking and make those GPUs work!