Sunday, July 1, 2012

Remote Controlling Your Hash Rig

So, sometimes you find that you are away from home (read Defcon 20!) and find that your rig needs to be rebooted, or power-cycled and woah! How do you do that from miles and miles away?!

Well, to solve this problem for me I put together the quick project below.
Its based on a nifty piece of tech from Canakit called a 4-port USB Relay Controller, and as its name suggests it allows you control relays via a USB->Serial Port interface, with an on-board IC that responds to commands over a terminal.

Pictures below;

This is how the device looks. On the left side is a USB port, on the right side is the 12V power supply connector along with some LED's

Moving on...

Controlling the device is simple. Once you terminal to its serial port you send it commands. rel1.on will tell the device to turn on relay 1. Toggle, toggles, off turns of etc etc. Basic, but functional.

Here is the kit connected and all running. 2 cables go from the relays to the RESET_SW and PWR_SW headers on the motherboard. I can reset the machine by sending a toggle command to the relays. 

Note: Obviously if i need to reset the device i can't connect to it to run a terminal program, hence, the USB is connected to a 2nd backup PC :-)

Works well for remotely resetting the machine. I always have a Webcam connected that I can use to check on pics to make sure everything is running ok. (No Xanaderp, not to check for fire!)

So far the rig is running 101% smoothly, thanks to all who helped.

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